Welcome to GoCyber – a new approach to cyber security awareness training that …

Educates on-the-go, bite-size engaging learning with a community of peers that supports users to…

…take actions to break bad habits and create new safe behaviours online that…

…helps build the human firewall resulting in significantly reduced risk of a successful cyber attack

A person looks at a laptop

 Combining engaging microlearning with   habit-forming actions found in learning 
 apps and social media  platforms 


Content that educates



Interact and share


Self assessment

Test understanding



Commit to an action



Leaderboard and stats

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 Think differently. 

 Build the right habits. 

 Be safe. 

Changing behaviour 

to make people safer online

 The human factor 

73% of staff across all UK companies had no cyber security training in 2019 

On average only 10%
of the IT security budget is spent on training

95% of cybersecurity breaches are due to human error 

"The fact is, research has shown that the majority of information security attacks stem from human error, not from malicious intent… 

…it's imperative that organisations put together a training plan for employees who are not up to speed on cyber security basics."

National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)

Cybercrime is the greatest threat
to every company in the world

Cybercrime is the World’s biggest crime costing business $6 trillion per year by 2021, up from $3 trillion in 2015
(Cybersecurity Ventures)

On average a data breach at a publicly-traded company costs $116 million 
(Audit Analytics report on Trends in Cybersecurity Breach Disclosures)

There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds
(Clark School study at the University of Maryland)

Since COVID-19, the US FBI reported a 300% increase in reported cybercrimes

 Identify weak spots across the 
 organisation and target efforts 

Backed by a robust metrics framework that helps drive organisational culture change

Track user participation and progress

Pre- and post-training assessment scores that measures improvement in online behaviour 

Building the human firewall

Three building blocks for delivering on a cultural transformation across your company

Engagement strategy


Awareness programmes

10-step habit building mobile experience



Fits into the working day


On-going monthly learning

Simulated attacks

Keeping information current

“I can’t believe it, I’ve literally done the first five steps and I can feel my behaviour changing already.”

“I didn’t know what the ‘s’ stood for in https – I now know to look out for it when online.”

“I had no idea there were privacy settings on social media sites.”


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