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Cyber: The 4th Industrial Revolution & why Real-Time Training is a Must

In part 2 of this 3 part series, Dr Alfred Rolington, explains how cyber training should be aimed at helping both employees and management deal with their cyber security requirements - and how this needs to be in 'real-time'.

These issues need to be understood and used by senior management for strategic and tactical planning by all aspects of your organisation. And one of the major issues that has become apparent, and is not focused upon enough, is the need for real-time cyber training.

Cyber security awareness training needs to take place within all organisations in order to significantly reduce the chances and risks of criminal success that are using cyberattacks and hacking methods to steal your data, money, company secrets and login information.

We are at the beginning of an electronic revolution, that like earlier industrial revolutions, is already altering and substantially changing and redefining our society.


"The development has been called a Cyber Innovation or Web 0.3, but is probably best described as the 4th Industrial Revolution and will be a new age transformation for the world"


This change is happening far faster than previous industrial revolutions. It began as a form of Information Technology but it is now developing and employing a range of emerging electronic technologies.

These technologies include 3D commercial production, data driven vehicles, robotic, bio-technology, AI and there is a blurring of physical, digital and biological elements to create a new techno-reality. And of course this is also changing and bringing new types of criminal activity.

You share in this new revolution as you are part of over half of the world’s population that now browses the Web, be it for work, shopping, social media, news, entertainment, or as part of the cyber-criminals on the Dark Web.

Each aspect of the organisation knows part of the solution but none knows the whole solution and the result is disjointed and dysfunctional education and training.


"Cyberspace can be visualised as an electronic nervous system running through many national and international sectors and systems."


Digital technology has already significantly rocked some industries like the publishing industry.

Publishing has been completely changed by digital technology and has allowed readers a far faster electronic engagement with issues, news and analysis.

However, as in all revolutions Cyber has a criminal down side and this also needs all of our engaging attention.

Cyber security awareness training needs to be more than a mere annual necessity. It needs to be an interactive and engaging experience that will solidify the employees role in the security posture of the organisation.

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