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When it Comes to Online Safety: it's Time to Change Behaviour

A few years ago I was involved in a PR campaign to promote GDPR online training. In doing so I was catapulted into the world of data protection and cyber security - met some fascinating global experts and was instantly intrigued by the work they were doing (advising governments, sending satellites into space…) and their clear unilateral passion for quite simply encouraging people to stay safe online.

My online habits were bad. Don’t ask me about my passwords. I had yet to be inspired, despite endless annual ‘tick box’ training courses. But it also dawned on me, I probably wasn’t alone.

Concurrently, my comms efforts saw me consult with a very cool tech firm in the states – Lumen Consulting Group - who was delivering employee engagement with some very large corps, using a new learning approach. They had created an app where employees ‘learnt by doing’. Scores of staff were positively engaged with the programme because it was fun, relevant and overwhelmingly inspiring. Time and time again new strategies were cascaded through work forces with this new interactive way of communicating messages. Employees won t-shirts for earning points. Peers shared ideas in the social space. Employees were genuinely engaged.


“Light bulb moment. What if we brought this new approach to learning into the cyber security awareness space?"


Light bulb moment. What if we brought this new approach of learning into the cyber security space? What if we created a new cyber security awareness training experience that wasn’t simply about ‘telling people what to do’ but immersing them into an interactive, engaging, gamified scenario where the focus was all about making them behave more safely online. What if, with new safe online habits installed, they then brought those behaviours into the workplace?

As one expert advised – if you can improve 80% of your staffs online habits because you have created an experience that engages with them and works – just think what impact that would have across the entire organisation?


“Think of habit forming apps like Headspace, Duolingo but for online safety"


Fast forward 18 months and GoCyber is here. An interactive app experience that is all about driving new online safety habits, and changing people’s online behaviour for the better. Think of habit forming apps such Headspace, Duolingo, but for online safety and you’ll get the idea. We’re excited. We hope you are too.

Why not discover more by reaching out to us at Visit our website , follow us on twitter @GoCyber_app or join in our Linkedin community @GoCyber_app

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